Nov.05.2014 | JSTOR
  Charleston Conference   Date:Nov 5 - 8   Location: Charleston, SC
Nov.05.2014 | ITHAKA S+R
Nancy Maron is hosting a half-day pre-meeting workshop on Sustainable Strategies for DIgital Resources at the Charleston Conference.  
Nov.05.2014 | ITHAKA S+R
Roger Schonfeld is hosting a pre-meeting workshop at the Charleston Conference on Evidence-Based Decisions on Collecting and Collections.  
Oct.22.2014 | JSTOR
Virginia Library Association (VLA) Date:Oct 22 - 24 Location:Williamsburg, VA
Oct.20 - 21.2014 | ITHAKA
At the Starting Line  
Oct.08.2014 | JSTOR
  Frankfurt Book Fair (FBF)   Date:Oct 8 - 12   Location:Frankfurt, Germany
Sep.25.2014 | ITHAKA S+R
Ithaka S+R's Sustaining Digital Resources course begins in January, 2015, with applications due in October. Wondering if the course is right for you?   
Sep.10.2014 | ITHAKA S+R
Nancy Fried Foster, Ithaka S+R's senior anthropologist and noted researcher on students and libraries, will deliver a lecture on "The Student-Centered Library" at Montgomery College. Foster's seminal book, Studying Students, resulted from her work at the University of Rochester Libraries, where she was employed as director of anthropological research.
Aug.14.2014 | ITHAKA S+R
Nancy Fried Foster will give the opening keynote address at the Information Literacy Satellite Meeting that is being held in conjunction with the IFLA World Library and Information Congress.  The meeting is being held in Limerick, Ireland.   The theme of the meeting is "Facing the Future: Librarians and Information Literacy in a Changing Landscape."