Inside the ITHAKA Board Meeting (2011)

Our Philosophy

Inside the ITHAKA Board Meeting (2011)

A look at our core beliefs and practices

  • Academic Values
    We are fully engaged members of the academic community, and our principles derive from the universities, colleges, libraries, scholarly societies and other institutions around the world that we serve. Our fundamental aim is to support the advancement of research, teaching, and learning worldwide.


  • Innovative Uses of Technology
    Rapidly advancing technologies enable the academic community to accelerate the impact of its work. We facilitate and implement new, advanced approaches and services to enhance impact while serving academic values.


  • Working from “Within”
    The institutions that form and support the academic community provide deep and enduring value. We believe that helping these institutions transform themselves by making the best use of new technologies offers the greatest benefit for society.


  • Economic Sustainability
    Big ideas must be incubated over time and implemented in stages to ensure viability. This demands thoughtful attention to scale, impact, and finances. At ITHAKA, ensuring sustainable impact is our primary objective.