Our Work

Our Work

At ITHAKA, we are driven to deploy technologies to make our universities, colleges, and high schools better, more affordable, and more effective. Reaching beyond these traditional walls, we support learners everywhere and impact the lives of millions of people every day. In two decades, we have launched three of the most transformative and widely-used services in higher education: JSTOR, Portico and Ithaka S+R.

Our JSTOR service is ITHAKA’s first. Launched in 1997, it is a cloud-based library where scholars, students, and the public can access thousands of journals, books, images, and other content as well as tools that promote research, teaching, sharing, and contribution. JSTOR includes content from over 1,000 publishers and serves:


  • 6 million unique monthly visitors
  • 9,000 universities, schools, and institutions
  • 170 nations


We created Portico in 2002 with the support of libraries and publishers to ensure that the world’s scholarship, now stored and disseminated largely in digital form, will be accessible to future generations. Portico includes:


  • 35,855,880 items preserved
  • 350,000 e-journal / e-book titles
  • 2,000 societies, associations, and publishers
  • 900 libraries


The impact of colleges and universities on our society—and their ability to remain highly relevant over centuries—is unparalleled. We want these organizations to thrive, particularly in light of emerging technologies and new forms of scholarly communication. Ithaka S+R works with foundations, libraries, publishers, universities, and other cultural organizations, and provides intelligence on our changing environment, including:


  • Reports on the efffectiveness and affordability of online and hybrid forms of education
  • Analysis of the research practices of scholars in different disciplines
  • Local surveys of faculty and students at more than 55 institutions in five countries