ITHAKA’s mission is to expand access to knowledge and education around the world. Our services — Artstor, JSTOR, Portico, and Ithaka S+R — enable people everywhere to learn, to grow, and to overcome historical barriers to education. In carrying out our mission, as employees we feel a deep responsibility to each other and our well-being, and are committed to building and sustaining a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace.

The Roles

Fellows at ITHAKA have the opportunity to work with one of the teams listed below. Opportunities vary from year-to-year and applicants will be matched with a team based on needs, interest, and skills. 

Ithaka S+R is a not-for-profit research and strategic consulting service. We help academic and cultural communities serve the public good and navigate economic, technological, and demographic change. As an Ithaka S+R fellow, you will work collaboratively on projects that help shape the national postsecondary educational landscape and improve the lives of students and other key stakeholders in higher education.

JSTOR Daily, an online magazine that provides scholarly context for news and current events to more than six million readers a year, is looking for a web-savvy, detail-oriented fellow to join our team. JSTOR Daily highlights the research and other content on JSTOR and Artstor, our platforms that make academic journals, books, documents, images, and other primary source materials available to millions of learners around the world. As a fellow with JSTOR Daily, you’ll be supporting the success of our free publication that ties news to scholarship. 

Reveal Digital is devoted to publishing open access primary source collections that uncover hidden, alternative, radical, and often challenging voices. As a Reveal Digital fellow, you will have an opportunity to conduct historical research to identify possible primary source materials to add to collections, and support the success of these collections by incorporating data into Reveal Digital’s information systems.

JSTOR Labs seeks to explore the future of research and teaching, one project at a time. As a JSTOR Labs fellow, you’ll have opportunities to work with partner publishers, libraries, and labs to expand access to knowledge by creating tools for researchers, teachers, and students that are immediately useful – and a little bit magical.


The goals of the fellowships are:

  • To participate in a unique learning experience and address critical challenges in higher education, scholarly communications, and publishing;
  • To develop a broader knowledge of ITHAKA’s work through exposure to and active participation in discussions beyond the scope of the fellow’s specific project; 
  • To collaborate with ITHAKA colleagues to produce specific deliverables; 
  • To present work accomplished during the fellowship to showcase skills learned.

Fellows will support one or more projects. Fellowship project components and deliverables will be defined in collaboration with selected candidates. Potential tasks may include: 

Ithaka S+R 

  • Contributing to the development of new projects (e.g. scoping, background research, instrument design)
  • Participating in data collection (e.g. literature reviews, desk research, interviewing, etc.) and conducting data analysis 
  • Developing reports, memos, blog posts, and/or other research outputs

JSTOR Daily 

  • Contributing to the publication of new stories (e.g. image research, story ideation and research, writing, editing, production in WordPress). Fellows will complete the fellowship with bylines in JSTOR Daily.
  • Helping to promote new and existing stories (e.g. developing content for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram)
  • Cultivating our reader community by responding to mail, helping to manage our social media accounts, updating our homepage based on trending news topics, and more

Reveal Digital 

  • Conducting historical research to identify possible additional candidates to add to the collection and record basic research on each 
  • Creating written descriptions for publications as needed
  • Contributing to developing Reveal Digital’s collections by implementing existing tools for tracking and sharing data and information 


  • Supporting a team with tasks such as user research, business modeling, structured brainstorming, or application prototyping
  • Conducting market or desk research on a business area 
  • Creating presentations and other outputs summarizing analysis and recommendations of team projects 

Experience and Skills

Any combination of professional experience, volunteer work, coursework, and other transferable skills may be applied toward these qualifications.

  • Pursuing a Master’s degree or Ph.D in a field that requires strong writing, communication, and problem solving (preferred). Some roles with Ithaka S+R may also involve quantitative and policy analysis. Work in Reveal Digital may involve working with library tools. 
  • Strong interest in solving challenges in higher education and creating connections for scholars. 
  • Comfort working with quantitative and/or qualitative data. 
  • Superior writing, communications, and interpersonal skills.
  • Highly effective in communication with both internal and external stakeholders.
  • Ability to prioritize and manage multiple tasks, while ensuring acute attention to detail and accuracy.
  • Demonstrated ability to translate complex concepts and/or research data into compelling, accessible, and well-written reports, articles, or engaging presentations.
  • Enthusiasm for learning new skills. 
  • Ability to work in our open, collaborative, and team-oriented culture.

Interested candidates can submit their resume and a detailed cover letter explaining their interests in ITHAKA’s mission and/or prior experiences that demonstrate a strong commitment to improving access to knowledge and higher education. Only complete applications will be considered. The deadline to apply is February 13, 2023

Compensation & Benefits

At ITHAKA we believe in openness and equity. Part of living those values is our commitment to clarity about salary, so candidates know what to expect. The pay range for this position is $25.00 per hour. Base pay may vary with job-related knowledge, skills, experience, market location, and geography. #LI-JS1 #LI-REMOTE 

Work for ITHAKA 

We are committed to our organizational values of belonging, evidence, speed, teamwork,  and trust. We take inclusion seriously. Belonging is one of our core values, and it shows in our vibrant culture. People from a wide range of backgrounds work at ITHAKA, and we believe that unique perspectives help us realize new insights and build better solutions.

We want to work with people who are passionate about ideas like these and who wish to contribute their perspectives and talents to ITHAKA’s mission. We enthusiastically welcome applications from people of all underrepresented backgrounds and credentials. We want to hear your story and include your perspective in the transformative work we aim to do.

Learn more about Working at ITHAKA.


Apply Now:

Candidates may apply by submitting an application online through our career site, if you have any questions about your application, please contact us at careers@ithaka.orgITHAKA is committed to providing reasonable accommodations, if there’s anything we can do to accommodate any portion of the application or hiring process, please contact us at 

We are proud to be an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer.  All qualified applicants receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, sex, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, religion, domestic violence victim status, veteran status, disability, history of disability or perceived disability, or other status protected by law.