ITHAKA’s mission is to expand access to knowledge and education around the world. Our services — Artstor, JSTOR, Portico, and Ithaka S+R — enable people everywhere to learn, to grow, and to overcome historical barriers to education. In carrying out our mission, as employees we feel a deep responsibility to each other and our well-being, and are committed to building and sustaining a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace.

The Role

We are welcoming a Senior Software Engineer (Full-Stack) to be part of our dedicated Search team. As a full-stack software engineer at ITHAKA, you’ll have an opportunity to contribute to high-impact products that help make education accessible for everyone. As a valued member of the Search team, your primary focus will be refining the search and discovery experience for all JSTOR users. 

Why Join Us?

  • Autonomy: Select the best tools and languages to solve problems.  
  • Continuous deployment: Develop and deploy software through an automated continuous delivery pipeline.
  • Impact: Directly contribute to products reaching millions of users.
  • Open source contribution: Opportunities to give back to the community.
  • Tech blog: Explore more about what we do through our blog.


  • Implement rich, interactive web applications using the latest technologies and frameworks and leverage continuous deployment and test automation tools to deploy changes to production multiple times per day.
  • Be part of an agile team to design, develop, and maintain high-performance applications.
  • Work with internal and external stakeholders to understand their needs and develop sustainable solutions.
  • Leverage web analytics for product discovery and to measure OKRs/KPIs.
  • Test, measure, and optimize performance using Application Performance Management (APM) tools.
  • Provide guidance and support to team members through mentorship.
  • Advocate for the adoption of innovative technologies, methodologies, and processes, promoting continuous improvement and staying ahead of industry trends.
  • Contribute to assessment of risk factors, cost-effectiveness, resource allocation, and other considerations essential for supporting technology enhancements.
  • Provide reliable, responsive support and incident resolutions during on-call shifts (PagerDuty). 

Experience and Skills

  • Between 2 and 5+ years of experience as a full-stack software engineer building large-scale, distributed web applications using AWS cloud infrastructure services.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in frontend and backend development using a variety of languages and frameworks:
    • Languages: Java, Python, JavaScript/TypeScript
    • Frontend frameworks: React, Vue, Angular 
    • Backend frameworks/environments: Django, FastAPI, Node.js
  • Hands-on experience with REST or GraphQL APIs, version control systems (e.g., GitHub/GitLab), and testing frameworks (e.g., JUnit, Jest, pytest, Playwright), along with a commitment to test-driven development (TDD) practices.
  • Proficiency in using dependency management and project build tools like Maven, NPM/Yarn, Webpack, or bundler.
  • Proven track record in creating and managing containerized applications, particularly in a Kubernetes environment using Docker.
  • Exceptional communication, thoughtfulness, and desire to give and receive regular feedback.

Preferred Experience and Skills

  • Proficiency in using profiling tools such as Graphite, Grafana, Prometheus, and AppDynamics to analyze and optimize application performance.
  • Experience with cache management, content delivery, and edge application security using CDNs like Fastly or CloudFront.
  • Experience with data modeling in relational databases (e.g. PostgreSQL and MySQL) and NoSQL (e.g. MongoDB and DynamoDB).
  • Experience with Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) technologies and services (e.g. AWS, Google Cloud Platform).
  • Experience in securing large-scale applications against vulnerability exploits.
  • Demonstrated ability to mentor and coach engineers in technical and interpersonal capacities.
  • Interest and experience in generative AI, search/information retrieval systems, and machine learning (e.g. LangChain, OpenAI).

You’re not expected to be an expert in every technology listed. Accomplished tech professionals have diverse experiences and can acquire new skills. We value your passion for continuous improvement and your ability to optimize for clarity, reliability, and performance. You will explore new technologies with our support through onboarding, mentorship, and continuous learning.

Work Authorization and Sponsorship 

ITHAKA is not currently considering candidates who require any type of immigration sponsorship (additional work authorization or permanent work authorization) now or in the future to work in the United States. 

Compensation and Benefits

At ITHAKA we believe in openness and equity. Part of living those values is our commitment to clarity about salary ranges, so candidates know what to expect. The starting salary for this position ranges from $108,000 – $135,455 per year. Starting pay may vary with job-related knowledge, skills, and experience. At present, our total compensation package for benefits-eligible employees includes medical, dental, and vision plans, an employer-paid 10% retirement contribution, paid parental and caregiver leave, 22 days of paid time off, 11 paid holidays, up to 12 sick days, wellness benefits, and more. Please note that ITHAKA, at its discretion, may make changes to its benefits programs from time to time.


Work for ITHAKA 

We are committed to our organizational values of belonging, evidence, speed, teamwork,  and trust. We take inclusion seriously. Belonging is one of our core values, and it shows in our vibrant culture. People from a wide range of backgrounds work at ITHAKA, and we believe that unique perspectives help us realize new insights and build better solutions.

We want to work with people who are passionate about ideas like these and who wish to contribute their perspectives and talents to ITHAKA’s mission. We enthusiastically welcome applications from people of all underrepresented backgrounds and credentials. We want to hear your story and include your perspective in the transformative work we aim to do.

Learn more about Working at ITHAKA.

Apply Now:

Although ITHAKA has physical offices in New York and Ann Arbor, Michigan, our employees are distributed across the continental United States. At this time, we’re not considering candidates who are unable to work and reside in the continental U.S.

Candidates may apply by submitting an application online through our career site, if you have any questions about your application, please contact us at careers@ithaka.orgITHAKA is committed to providing reasonable accommodations, if there’s anything we can do to accommodate any portion of the application or hiring process, please contact us at 

We are proud to be an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer.  All qualified applicants receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, sex, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, religion, domestic violence victim status, veteran status, disability, history of disability or perceived disability, or other status protected by law. We invite you to read our Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Statement. ITHAKA cares about your privacy, learn more about our Applicant Privacy Notice.