Seymour Douglas has more than 20 years of experience in machine learning, customer, predictive, and data analytics. As vice president of data and analytics, Seymour leads a growing team of data scientists, engineers, and architects who are creating a continuous data-driven learning environment and leveraging our extensive data and content to develop practical applications of data science and machine learning for use in research and teaching.

Seymour specializes in leading organizations in improving and maximizing the value they can derive from their data assets. This includes setting the analytics agenda and priorities, designing processes for gathering data from disparate sources, and merging the data to create and deploy high performance machine learning and predictive modeling systems that can support forecasting, recommender systems, high frequency forecasting, data enrichment, text mining, and revenue assurance. Before joining ITHAKA, Seymour served as vice president of machine learning and analytics at Expedia, where he led teams responsible for computer vision, natural language processing, customer valuation, and user behavior analytics. He has also held leadership roles at Walmart, Deloitte Financial Advisory Services, Cox Communications, and Accenture.

Seymour served on the faculty at Emory University and Rutgers, where he taught undergraduate and graduate courses in statistics, microeconomics, international finance, and economic development.