The Next Wave Conference


The Next Wave 2017 was held on November 29th in New York City.  A brief summary and links to articles and presentations from the event are available here: "Can Universities and Colleges Adapt to Today's Challenges?"  You can also read some of the online discussion on Twitter #ithakatnw17. Thanks to our terrific line-up of speakers and to all who attended and engaged in this day of learning with us.  



To learn more about The Next Wave or to recommend topics or speakers for our 2018 event, please reach out to Heidi McGregor, VP, Communications.



About The Next Wave


The Next Wave is an annual invitational event that offers a focused, collegial space to come together and explore current trends, often in technology and the commercial web, and to look to the future of higher education. Through this event, our partner organizations understand the landscape, develop strategies, and find ways to collaborate and to thrive.


Past Events


The Next Wave 2016:  Where is U.S. Higher Education Going? | Twitter #ithakatnw16