ITHAKA's Next Wave 2019 was held on Wednesday, December 4 in New York City. This year, we looked beyond the academy at the big trends in technology and society that will reshape research and learning. We explored topics ranging from AI and data to politics, and pluralism. How will controversional developments in these areas alter student and researcher experiences? How can the higher education and academic research communities adopt new technologies and practices, while creating positive, ethical outcomes that move society forward? What can we learn from those working at the cutting edge today?   


Read our event summary and watch the videos: How Will Big Changes in Tech and Society Impact Research and Teaching?



About The Next Wave


The Next Wave is an annual invitational event that offers a focused, collegial space to come together and explore current trends, often in technology and the commercial web, and to look to the future of higher education. Through this event, our partner organizations understand the landscape, develop strategies, and find ways to collaborate and to thrive.  If you are interested in attending the Next Wave or want to recommend topics or speakers, please reach out to Heidi McGregor, ITHAKA's VP, Communications.


Past Events


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