The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC), an international charitable foundation, is on a mission to help organizations secure our global digital legacy. With staff in the UK, Netherlands and Australia, the DPC recently announced new programming in the United States to support its existing and new members in the Americas, as well as plans to bring greater attention and access to good practice and excellence within the dynamic digital preservation community from across the region.

ITHAKA, a DPC member and collaborator through our Portico preservation service, will provide the organizational home for a new, DPC-dedicated staff member, who will lead the program of work across the Americas. Recruitment for this new position will begin in the next few weeks, and we encourage library and digital preservation leaders interested in the position to apply.

The DPC-focused staff member will work from ITHAKA’s NYC office or remotely with access to ITHAKA’s New York City office space for programs and events. They will support DPC members and expand DPC collaboration with the established, robust digital preservation community in the Americas to complement, celebrate and sustain their activities and amplify them for DPC members around the world. In time, they will develop and deliver a program of face-to-face events for DPC members in the Americas, as well as facilitate knowledge exchange between organizations in the region through briefing days, working groups and task forces.

Kate Wittenberg, Managing Director of Portico is excited by the potential impact of this development saying: “This collaboration between two leading preservation organizations provides an important base to support and expand the digital preservation community here in the USA, Canada, and more broadly across the Americas. Having greater capacity locally and direct channels to experts and practitioners around the world will be critically important as we work towards meeting the growing challenges of digital preservation around the globe.”

Read more about the collaborative effort on Portico.