As ITHAKA’s Chief Operating Officer, Nathalie Udo oversees our Finance, Legal, and Work Life and Culture units and leads the Operational Excellence team. Under her direction, the team encourages an impact-oriented mindset, improves the work and workflows needed to support our initiatives, and leverages people’s skills and passions to nurture deep engagement with our work. Her diverse background is a powerful asset in this role, contributing to her unique ability to create supportive environments that help organizations learn to recognize and build on their best qualities and behaviors while they consider new ideas and perspectives.

Before joining ITHAKA in 2019, Nathalie managed a major capital program to build our new technology platform in 2014, and she recently partnered with senior leadership to implement OKRs to guide and align our work. Through her business consultancy—InDepth Strategies, LLC—she has helped companies like Royal Dutch Airlines, New England Journal of Medicine, and Alcatel-Lucent with strategic planning, executive coaching, agile mindset, program management, cross-cultural communication, and leadership.

Nathalie has a masters degree in economics and business administration from University of Maastricht, Netherlands, and is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC®), a certified Project Management Professional (PMP®), and a Certified Scrum Master (CSM®). She presents at international conferences on a variety of topics. In addition, she is coauthor of Organizational Survival: Profitable Strategies for a Sustainable Future (McGraw-Hill, 2013) and contributed a chapter to Scrappy Women in Business: Living Proof that Bending the Rules Isn’t Breaking the Law (Happy About, 2010). Driven by her passion for the oceans and the planet, Nathalie volunteers for several organizations; currently, she serves as vice chair of the Marine Conservation Institute Board and strategic advisor to Heirs To Our Oceans. She lives in San Francisco and is an active scuba diver, motorcyclist, and skier.