If you have applied for a job at ITHAKA, we want that to be a great experience. We recently learned that someone is posting fake jobs on various job boards including LinkedIn. Candidates are being directed to an application page that is branded as the organization and phishing scammers are posing as staff members and conducting online chats. They are subsequently sending out offer letters with start dates and reporting locations. This all appears to be an effort to get people’s personal and financial information. Unfortunately, ITHAKA has been one target of these phishing scams.

While we work to address this situation we want to make sure you have information to protect yourself. If this has happened to you – or you think it has – please let us know by sending the details to careers@ithaka.org. You may also want to report it to the FTC.

If you want to verify the legitimacy of a posting from ITHAKA, you may do so by visiting our active openings page. Please remember that we will never contact you from a Gmail account, nor would we conduct an interview via chat.

Also, if you want us to confirm your candidacy and the validity of the job for which you have applied, please reach out to careers@ithaka.org.

Michell Valentine
Talent Director, ITHAKA