Alex Humphreys is vice president, ITHAKA Ventures and JSTOR Labs. The JSTOR Labs team works with partner libraries, publishers and scholars to shape the future of research and teaching by creating tools for researchers, teachers, and students that are immediately useful – and a little bit magical. Two of Alex’s favorite projects have been The JSTOR Understanding Series, which links every passage in literary and historical texts to articles and chapters quoting that passage, and the award-winning Text Analyzer, which lets you search for articles and chapters by uploading any document. Before starting the Labs team, Alex spearheaded the effort to replace JSTOR’s platform with a cloud-hosted, services-oriented, open-source-based architecture.

Prior to his time at ITHAKA, Alex worked at Oxford University Press, Inc., where he built an award-winning publishing platform for OUP’s subscription-based websites.

Alex graduated from Hamilton College and holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Hunter College. He is the coach of ITHAKA’s mighty softball team, the Ithakapokalypse.