Esther Fisher loves learning new things and challenging herself. This explains at least one aspect of why she enjoys working at ITHAKA so much. “When I started I was kind of intimidated! Everyone here is so smart. So, I thought, ‘I have to up my game here!’ But everyone is also very encouraging. I appreciate open communication, and that’s what you get here. Lots of support and clear communication.”

Esther clarifies that her managers and colleagues not only communicate openly and effectively with her, but also engage with her in a way that supports her career development. “They encourage you to learn, to get uncomfortable and investigate new experiences. Often, these efforts are beneficial to me professionally and personally. For instance, after looking into business analytics, I got better at organizing my everyday life! We often have these impulses to learn things and get better, but we get bogged down. So if there is another person, especially a manager, who’s telling you ‘No, you should go do that!’ it prompts you to take the time and focus on whatever it is you want to learn or get better at.”

Many people don’t know that Esther is an identical twin! More interesting is the fact that she and her sister were “switched” at birth, learning at the age of 16 that her parents confused the babies’ identities early on. Despite being naturally curious in other areas, Esther decided not to investigate her “true” identity in this case. “It doesn’t matter. I grew up as Esther and me and my sister are happy with who we are.”