Harmony is vice president of marketing for ITHAKA, where she leads our efforts to tell our story, develop and market our products and services, and build lasting relationships with those we serve. A compassionate people leader and marketing strategist, she inspires our team to deliver creative, impactful campaigns that further ITHAKA’s mission to improve access to knowledge and education.

Prior to joining ITHAKA, Harmony served as VP, Marketing and Communications for Gale, part of the Cengage Group. During this time, she led a global brand relaunch, established technology-driven lead generation processes, integrated marketing campaign strategies and real-time analytics, and cultivated one of Cengage Group’s most engaged teams. As a senior leader in the organization, she also championed company-wide initiatives, seeking opportunities to be a force for positive change. She believes strongly in mentoring and allyship, and especially valued having the opportunity to serve as executive sponsor for Gale’s efforts to create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive company and culture.

Throughout her career, Harmony has been committed to being a part of mission-driven organizations that focus on improving lives through learning. She has worked with libraries to deliver exceptional research and teaching experiences in academic, secondary, and public library settings and is known to evangelize the awesomeness of libraries to unsuspecting strangers and friends. One of her proudest professional accomplishments was launching Career Online High School, a workforce development and high school completion program that graduated over 4,000 adults across the United States through their public libraries. Currently, she is a board member of EveryLibrary, an organization that helps public, school, and college libraries win bonding, tax, and advisory referendum, ensuring stable funding and access to libraries for generations to come.

Harmony lives in Plymouth, Michigan, with her husband, children, and dogs.