I provide assistance to staff with use of ITHAKA’s computers, software, applications, and in-building technologies.

What makes working at ITHAKA different from anywhere else?
Despite having customers at multiple locations, including remote workers, there is a small-company feel to ITHAKA. Familiar names and even faces, plenty of non-work interactions that foster relationships which go beyond how my role interacts with yours.

Which of our values resonates most with you?
Teamwork and Belonging. While the ‘us/them’ attitude is an easy fall-back for any organization, I see real effort at ITHAKA to avoid that by collaboratively working around or through barriers. I love the variety of social (and, yeah, food-based) events which occur throughout the year. As an introvert, these provided the frequent, low-stress opportunities I needed when first getting to know people. Now they serve as great opportunities to reconnect and to become acquainted with newer employees.

What’s one of your favorite benefits offered by ITHAKA?
The flexible hours combined with generous vacation and sick time allowance. I joined ITHAKA just as my family was expanding. The level of flexibility that ITHAKA offers, which far exceeds any I had at prior companies, has made it possible for me to continue working full time through this new phase of life.