We are a nonprofit with a mission to improve access to knowledge and education for people around the world. We believe education is key to the well-being of individuals and society, and we work to make it more effective and affordable.

What we do

We help make higher education and access to knowledge more affordable; we improve outcomes for students and researchers; and we preserve knowledge for future generations.
  1. Knowledge for everyone

    Technology offers us unprecedented opportunities to deliver knowledge affordably to a global community. Through our digital libraries and learning platforms, we deliver uninterrupted access to collections from academic libraries, publishers, and museums around the world to millions of students, teachers, and researchers in 180 countries.

  2. College access, affordability, and student success

    Everyone deserves access to higher education, regardless of their economic resources and circumstances. Our research and advising focuses on how colleges and universities can enroll and better serve underrepresented and low-income students to help them thrive and graduate.

  3. Preservation and collections

    Knowledge builds on the past. As we work to improve access to knowledge today, we are equally concerned about preserving it for the future. We provide sustainable preservation services for libraries and publishers as well as research and guidance on collection and preservation strategies.

  4. Innovation in research and teaching

    As technology continues to advance, so do our opportunities to overcome barriers and conduct research and teach in new ways. Our teams develop and scale innovative approaches for scholars and students to gain insights from vast stores of information and from one another.

  5. Empowering others

    We multiply our impact by empowering others to bring change to their organizations, campuses, and communities. We bring leaders together, share best practices, and put tools into the hands of those working with students and researchers every day to deliver insight and improve outcomes.


Investing in the future of education

Knowledge and access to education change people’s lives for the better, so we’re investing in emergent companies, services, and solutions so more of us can learn, grow, and thrive.


Supporting higher education in prisons

Across ITHAKA’s services, we are working to increase access to high-quality higher education programs and library resources in prisons


The impact of Open Access Latin American scholarship

JSTOR digitized 700 out-of-print titles from El Colegio de México Press and shared them as Open Access. This project served as a foundation for further work on the Open Access dissemination of Latin American scholarship.


Assessing the impact of state policies on degree attainment

The opportunity to pursue higher education varies widely by students’ race and socioeconomic background. Ithaka S+R is consulting with state policymakers and creating policy briefs and analytical tools to help improve equity in attainment.