Every year, ITHAKA brings together some of the most engaged, ambitious minds of our time to explore the nexus of technology and higher education. We gather in New York City to unpack the major forces at play, understand how they change what we do, and develop strategies for how we adapt and thrive. The focus is on learning and exchanging ideas with people who care as deeply as you do and who hunger for new ways to think about their work.


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The Next Wave 2015

Data, Value, and Privacy

October 26 - 27, 2015

We live in an age where data is constantly being collected – from which products you purchase on retail websites, to where you go with your phone in your pocket, to how you perform in school or on the job, and which TV shows you watch on streaming services. But who is collecting this data and what are they doing with it? What does it tell businesses and educational institutions about you, are they using it to benefit you, and are they handling this knowledge responsibly? Join us and others tackling these questions about data for a lively day and a half exchange of information and ideas.


The Next Wave is the evolution of ITHAKA’s conference, "Sustainable Scholarship". Since 2009, ITHAKA has brought together publishers, librarians, administrators, association directors, media, and those at artistic institutions to discuss the issues facing those in higher education and technology. Past topics have included innovation, new roles and responsibilities in higher education, and new methods of learning.


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