The Next Wave 2016

The Bigger Picture: How Macro Changes in Higher Education Should Shape Your Strategy

November 30, 2016 | New York City


Once again, ITHAKA convened scholarly communications industry professionals and senior leaders from our partner libraries, publishers, and learned societies for The Next Wave Conference.  This annual invitation-only event offers a focused, collegial space to come together and explore current trends, often in technology and the commercial web, and to look to the future of higher education. Through this event, our partner organizations understand the landscape, develop strategies, and find ways to collaborate and to thrive.


This year, we looked at the bigger picture. Often scholarly communications looks inward to its own ecosystem, but libraries, publishers, societies and our own ITHAKA services operate in a broader context. At ITHAKA, we see on the horizon emerging changes in American Higher Education that will have new and lasting implications for our work and our community of partner organizations. Shifts in funding, demographics, technology, and partnership opportunities will alter the strategies and priorities of our universities and colleges in ways that will require that we shift along with it.  We welcomed industry and senior leaders at our partner organizations to explore these macro trends in American Higher Education and  how it should influence what we do and how we do it.


For those unable to join us and others with an interest in these issues, read The Next Wave 2016: The Future of Higher Ed.


Details about The Next Wave 2017 are forthcoming.