Our Work

Our Work

At ITHAKA, we are driven to deploy technologies to make our universities, colleges, and high schools better, more affordable, and more effective. Reaching beyond traditional walls, we support learners everywhere and impact the lives of millions of people every day.

In two decades, we have launched three of the most transformative and widely used services in higher education: JSTOR, Portico and Ithaka S+R – and recently our strategic alliance with Artstor has allowed us to further enhance our mission by facilitating access to its services for researchers, teachers, and students worldwide.

Our JSTOR service is ITHAKA’s first. Launched in 1997, it is a cloud-based library where scholars, students, and the public can access thousands of journals, books, images, and other content as well as tools that promote research, teaching, sharing, and contribution. JSTOR includes content from more than 1,000 publishers and serves:


  • 11,000 institutions
  • 170+ countries
  • 12 million articles
  • 80,000 ebooks
  • 3 million plant specimens
  • 244 million content accesses per year
  • 145 million search requests per year


Ithaka S+R provides research and strategic guidance to help the academic and cultural communities serve the public good and navigate economic, technological, and demographic change. Supporting their unparalleled impact on our society, we work with foundations, universities, libraries, publishers, museums, and other organizations to provide research and strategic guidance on our rapidly evolving environment, including:


  • Reports on the effectiveness and affordability of online and hybrid forms of education
  • Multi-institutional collaborations focused on increasing the degree attainment of low-income college students
  • Analysis of the changing research practices of scholars in different disciplines


We created Portico in 2002 with the support of libraries and publishers to ensure that the world’s scholarship, now stored and disseminated largely in digital form, will be accessible to future generations. Portico includes:


  • 1.7 billion files preserved
  • 88 million journal articles preserved
  • 4 million digital collection items preserved
  • 1 million e-books preserved
  • 650+ participating publishers
  • 1,000+ participating libraries


Artstor specializes in digital collection solutions for universities, museums, schools, and libraries. Our ever-growing Digital Library offers high-quality images for education and research from museums, photo archives, scholars, and artists around the world, and JSTOR Forum—formerly Shared Shelf—is a complete set of tools to manage digital collections and make them more discoverable. Artstor provides:


  • 2.5 million licensed images
  • 2 million open images
  • 1,800 institutions
  • 700,000 downloads per year